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Our Purpose:

Watkins Wildlife Rehab is a nonprofit, charitable organization serving Southeast Missouri. Our mission is to respond to the rehabilitative needs of sick, injured and orphaned Missouri mammals, reptiles, birds of prey, and migratory wildfowl.

Our facility in Sedgewickville, Missouri, is staffed by volunteers and we are funded entirely by charitable donations. Our founders, John and Carolyn Watkins, have forty years of experience caring for orphaned and injured wildlife, and hold the following licenses:

  • Missouri Department of Conservation Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit #354, which provides authority for qualified individuals to take, possess, transport and hold in captivity for rehabilitation, sick or injured wildlife.
  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Federal Fish and Wildlife Permit MB683425-0, which provides authorization for raptor rehabilitation.

The goal of Watkins Wildlife Rehab is:

  • To respond to the rehabilitative needs of sick, injured, and orphaned Missouri mammals, birds of prey, reptiles, and migratory wildlife fowl;
  • To treat, rehabilitate, and reintroduce sick, injured and orphaned wildlife into their natural habitat;
    To establish and operate a shelter and rehabilitation facility for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife;
  • To foster and promote public knowledge of an interest in native Missouri wildlife;
  • To conduct the normal functions, operations, programs and pursuits incidental to a fully recognized and operational nonprofit animal refuge. 


Our Mission Statement:

 We believe that all life possesses inherent value and that human life is enriched by sharing its habitat with wildlife.

We have an obligation to respond to the rehabilitative needs of wildlife to the extent that our resources and capabilities allow and we endorse programs of cooperative planning which seek to provide services related to identified, regional wildlife needs with other organizations whose purposes or activities impact wildlife.

Wildlife rehabilitation should recognize the physiological, environmental, social, developmental and safety needs of an individual animal and our rehabilitative care plans will be designed to assess and respond to those needs.

Our efforts in the field of wildlife rehabilitation are enhanced by an educated, informed public and we accept and embrace our responsibility to promote community awareness of the benefits of wildlife rehabilitation and to provide educational programs and opportunities for children, youths and adults.

Our ability to provide high quality rehabilitative services to the wildlife in our care is dependent upon our own ongoing education and we will continuously subscribe to professional journals and periodicals, share data and techniques with other rehabilitators, and, where feasible, provide research opportunities for students and other professionals.

We have an obligation to select and maintain a competent, conscientious staff of individuals who are dedicated to wildlife rehabilitation and community education. We act as an advocate for wildlife on issues that impact wildlife population, heath or habitat.

Juvenile Barn Owls

How Can You Help?

Volunteer- Always looking for people to volunteer time to come to WWR to help animals on a weekly basis, especially in Spring when it is busy.

  • Donations- Giving is always a good way to help offset cost of operation. 
    • Meat- Deer, or other is fine (lean is better for animals; freezer burnt is okay)
    • Vegetables- carrots, corn, kale, grapes
    • Baby cereal- rice
    • Pedialyte
    • Blankets- fleece
    • Monetary

Please call or email to schedule pick up or drop off of donations. 

*Donations can be tax deductible. 

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